Multidisciplinary artist, Michel Marchand was trained at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). He is first and foremost, a sculptor, but for the last 20 years, drawing has been his medium of choice (graphite, charcoal, ink, aquarelle and encaustique) drawn on handmade paper.

Impassioned about architecture and science, sensitive to shape and form (both geometric and human). His work is constantly evolving and in adequacy to the continuum movement, a movement transformation technique founded by american Emily Conrad in the 60’s.

Member of Guild Hall of East Hampton since 2001, many of his large scale drawings can be found in canadian and american collections. Present in many art expos and shows, the artist attends regularly the New York Studio School and is completing his BFA (studio) at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada).


The human body is the heart of his reflection, collaborating with live models, contemporary artists and performance artists. The first lines in the drawing are always sparked off by the dancer who models for him, by the way he or she speaks or moves, by a strain or tension, furtively revealed. Graphite allows for great speed of execution: Once triggered, the act of drawing can become frantic, the dancer’s body, drawn in actual size or larger than life, moves and shifts, divides in two or three, becomes entangled with itself, disappears to reappear in a different form or light. These unusual representation of the human body are not primarily erotic, their interest lies elswhere.

Half abstract and half figurative, the artist creates volume, builds to reveal, blurrs to see clearly, transcends the evident, this is the interest and the challenge of Marchand’s work.

In his most recent research, the work oscillates between the art of drawing (2D) and sculpture (3D). His last marathon at New York Studio School in 2015 rattled his artistic practice, his creation habits, to a point that now allies new material in sculpture and 20 years of drawing practice. Candidate to the MFA program (sculptural architecture) at Concordia University.

Initially trained in Montreal, the artist attends master classes in drawing and sculpture in New York, Dublin and London.

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